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Voter Contact

The heart and soul of any campaign, a well-planned and efficiently executed direct voter contact program will have a greater impact on the success of a campaign than any other single tactic. Direct contact impacts voter decisions more effectively than television ads, digital media and direct mail pieces. Period.

Winning campaigns and candidates know that no tactic is more effective in influencing votes than live, volunteer phone calls — and, especially, door-to-door canvassing of targeted voters.

Get Out The Vote

Winning messages and well-executed voter contact programs are worthless unless your supporters show up at the polls. It’s a fundamental truth that far too many campaigns devalue — or ignore altogether. 

Effective Get Out The Vote efforts are labor intensive, and require well-trained workers to properly execute. But the payoff is immense. Campaigns that have good GOTV efforts, win. Campaigns that don’t, lose. It’s that simple.


Building Your Campaign Team

Dan O’Hara offers your campaign the kind of experienced leadership, service and support that maximize your strategic & tactical advantages — and, in turn, your chances of winning.

He'll recruit and deliver proven experts in the following fields:

  • Fundraising

  • Campaign Management

  • Research, Polling & Issue Identification

  • Creative Services: From Logo And Website Development To Ad Production

  • Media Planning — Digital, Social And Traditional

  • Voter Contact And Canvassing

  • Phone Banks And Calling

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