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Building Your Campaign Foundation.

You’ve made the decision to run for office. Now what? More importantly, now who?


That's where Dan O'Hara comes in.


He’ll recruit and hire your core leadership team, drawing-on his wide-ranging network of contacts. Bringing you nationally-recognized veterans with the expertise to build an organization, and a campaign, that effectively represents you to the voting public.

Keeping Your Campaign On Track.

It’s no secret that the information age has given campaigns the ability to identify, target and reach voters with exponentially greater precision than ever before. The power of Big Data is inarguable. And yet what inevitably distinguishes the best-run campaigns is a quality that’s perpetually in short supply: Common sense.


Think about it: How many indefensible campaign blunders can you name, right off the top of your head? How many times have you wondered, “What were they thinking?" It happens all the time. Why? Because all-too-often, campaigns allow circumstances, pressure and the proverbial shiny object to distract them from the prime objective.


Dan O’Hara has built a career, and a reputation, on keeping campaigns focused on strategies and tactics that Drive Voters To The Polls. That means taking full advantage of every available resource — from Big Data and digital targeting to the occasional shiny object. But more importantly, it means staying focused on what matters.

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